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John Cunningham is a freelance musician and wannabe memoir writer.  Born into the carnival/entertainment world of the Royal American Shows, the world’s largest carnival midway.  Nearly all of his family were showmen and entertainers. John picked up the musical mantle and began playing drums at an early age.   After serving in the Air Force, John started a family and signed on with United Airlines from which he retired after a 30-year career. He currently is enjoying his first loves, drumming and traveling along with writing his memoir.  John is active on the San Diego Jazz music scene and is currently working on his memoir project, “Harlem in Havana”, Sex, Sin and Sawdust. A short chapter from his book was one of the winning entries featured in the 2017 Memoir Showcase. It is also featured along with another short piece from the book in the  2018 and 2019 editions of the San Diego Memoir Writers Associations Anthology, Shaking The Tree, Volumes I & II.   John hopes to have his project ready for publishing by summer 2021.